In my mind, artistry is simple. It is the pursuit of something greater than oneself. Something unifying. We are at our most powerful when left to our own devices to create from the ether. That is the beauty of songwriting, composition, music, art. We are observing what people create in a vacuum (hypothetical vacuum, we all have influences) when left to their own devices and to their own agenda.

That said, what happens when artistry meets industry. In the US, artists are fighting to be heard now more than ever before and it’s so easy to let outside factor play a role in our art, and in some ways this is a good litmus test. We grow to make our art for more than just us. We make our art for the people we want our art to reach.

The drawback of this, is the run of the mill, factory style music that get’s pushed so hard and falls off a cliff once it’s marketing budget is gone. There’s a reason people still talk about Queen albums, Donny Hathaway Albums, Marvin Gaye’s raw vocal takes, and other artistic greats. They were transcendent. Larger than life. Incomparable in their artistry. They achieved greatness.

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