Real, Raw, Energetic, and Haunting. I make music from my roots in blues, soul, rock, and R&B.

Artistry is both my newest face in the industry and my oldest. I set out in 2010 to be a saxophone player of note, pursuing every opportunity I could to play and hone my craft.

Then in 2015 I injured my wrists. I took it in stride. I focused on finding my voice.

I had never been a singer, but was fortunate to be in a place where I was surrounded by some of the best singers I would ever meet. They were by in large from the gospel music tradition and opened my mind to vocal possibilities I had never considered.

Now in 2021 I have prepared a full length album to be tracked this summer and am looking forward to getting back on the road with some of my own songs, as well as continuing to tour with my musical brothers in arms!

Footprints – Coming Winter 2022

Clip o Eileen, the first track of my debut album – Footprints

Full Bio

I was raised in a dive bar… My parents loved a drink, sure, but we were there for the live music. Especially the blues. Whiskey-soaked counters sat in smoke filled rooms where the sound of pool balls was every bit as rhythmic as some of the local acts we saw play.

Some, though, were legends. Sonny Moorman comes to mind. He was the first mentor that showed me how to sing through my horn, not play exercises, scales, bullshit. He taught me to make someone feel through my playing and sprung me onto the Cincinnati blues circuit. I cut my teeth with grown men who told you when you fucked up. There wasn’t any showing up to the gig unprepared. Only professionalism. Art before all else.

At 18 I packed my horns and a duffle bag of clothes and moved to Boston. I was after the next level, an attainment of greatness that I felt had eluded Cincinnati for a long time. Boston was a hotbed for young musicians. While I was there for a formal college education, I was pushed by those same dives I grew up playing. My band, The Thickest Thieves, played every show we had a chance to play, from street corners, to clubs, to the penthouse Harvard club overlooking the Atlantic.

Music opened doors for me I never would have entered. I’m not from money. The Harvard club wasn’t my people…but suddenly, they loved me. With every opportunity, I would connect with the audience. I was addicted. I needed more.

At 22, I hit the road to Nashville with nothing short of greatness in mind. I quickly dove into my production work within the songwriting scene in town, signing a publishing deal with Music for the Future/Sony and met up with a super band led by the incredible Bee Taylor. The years that follow have seen us record at the historic FAME studios (for Cody Brooks “Congregation”), headline music festivals, play hundreds of shows and make noise in ways I had only dreamed.

The best part: we still took care of the audience. We stay with fans on the road, playing original music for them till late hours of the night.

That’s who I am. I’m Jason. I love music and how it connects me to people with which I may or may not have anything in common. I’m creative to a fault. I put 100% of my soul into every note, word, and show.