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What’s good? I’m Jason

With 50+ shows under my belt already in 2019 and no plans of stopping anytime soon, I am grateful every day that my life is sharing music with the world!

Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio I knew at a young age that this was all I was ever gonna be able to do with my life

It only took one hit of an audience vibing with me for me to know I was on a quest to explore music, sound and the limits of where it could take me

I spent four years in Boston, studying at Berklee College of Music while simultaneously leading a touring band The Thickest Thieves and honing my performance skills as a sax player

I also began to sing seriously for the first time in my career and got the opportunity to work with many great musicians that are out taking over the world as we speak

2016 saw me finish my studies and move directly to Nashville where I began building for what’s to come

2018-2019’s touring season saw me appear on live radio shows a handful of times, recorded records with airplay, a handful of times, and play for and meet audiences throughout the nation

Looking forward, I’m getting ready to release a wave of my own originals

Touring the world with the amazing crew I run around with every week

The release of a full length album we cut at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama

A whole lot of records I’ve played on and worked with as a producer finally releasing

Continuing to develop my sounds, experiments, and pushing the envelope of what is thought can be done with a horn

And whatever else life throws my way


Let’s Make History